Principal’s Message

Marvin Hil

Dear Prospective Students and Parents:

Welcome to the Alternative Learning Center (ALC). I am Marvin Hill and it is with great honor to serve as principal of the Alternative Learning Center. The Alternative Learning Center mission is to provide a way for middle school students to continue their education. Also, it is an institution designed to give high school students the opportunity to earn a diploma in a non-traditional environment.  The Alternative Learning Center teachers and administrators primary objective is to help those students who found it difficult to proceed towards graduation in a traditional setting.

The Alternative Learning Center offers online, self-paced classes that provide the opportunity for students to be on track to graduate. Core teachers and a lab technician are available to supply appropriate resources and support towards support in the classroom. Guidance counselors and social workers visit the school regularly to teach students skills that would lead to a successful future in a variety of vocations.

We are located within the Board of Education Building at 72 Warren Street. Our class sizes are small so that we can give students as much individual attention as they need. The Alternative Learning Center dedicates itself to helping middle school students prepare for high school and high school students earn their high school diploma, as well as being prepared for the next stage of their life, college or career.

Please feel free to contact me about any questions you may have about the Alternative Learning Center.

Marvin Hill, EDS
Office Phone: (478) 783-7265