All-time high graduation rate at HHS


With the release of the Georgia Department of Education Graduation rates, Hawkinsville High School was identified as one of 74 school districts out of the 181 school districts in the state of Georgia to achieve a rate at or above 90%.  HHS has consistently struggled with high school graduation rates in the 60 -70% range since the inception of the current calculation method in 2012.  Last year, however, HHS saw 11.2% increase from 74.4% in 2016 to 85.6% in 2017.  This year, HHS hit an all-time high graduation rate at 90.5% which is 8.9% higher than the state average of 81.6%.  When asked what has contributed to the rise in the graduation rate at HHS over the last two years, Principal Dr. A. Keith Green comments “The improved academic perspective of students and the instructional practices of teachers have made the instructional environment more conducive for continued growth in students learning.”  Dr. Al Pollard, now in his second year as Superintendent of Pulaski County schools states “I wish to congratulate the students, parents, teachers, counselor and administration for this outstanding achievement. The diligent work from those who provided the opportunity for students who needed some extra help for things such as credit repair and remediation for mastering the standards has paid off well in graduating our students “College and Career Ready”. Congratulations to the teachers, students and parents at HHS for their achievements.