IDEA Parent Satisfaction Survey

Families that have a student or students that are receiving special education services have been asked to complete the IDEA Parent Satisfaction survey online. The online survey will be available to all families of students with disabilities who are served in all Georgia public schools. The online surveys are available in English and Spanish. Families that have internet access can complete the survey at home at their convenience. The links to the survey are listed below. The link will close on May 31, 2019.

Families will be asked to report the following demographic information for their child on the online survey: School District, School, Grade, Age When Referred to Early Intervention or Special Education, Ethnicity, Race and Primary Exceptionality/Disability. All answers will be anonymous. Each response will be coded by a number and not a name.

Please complete the online survey to make your voice heard. For more information on the parent survey, please contact Cynthia Criss, Parent Mentor, at 478 783-7487 (office) or (email).

Thank you!