Superintendent Search Update

The Pulaski County Board of Education continues to make progress in naming a new superintendent.

Among the steps completed in the process, the Board reviewed results of a survey of the community and school system staff to seek input as to the characteristics desired in the new superintendent; adopted qualifications for the applications; approved and disseminated a recruitment brochure.

Eighteen applications were received from a broad range of applicants. From these, a number of candidates will be chosen for close review and interviews as the Board seeks to determine those applicants best qualified for the position. Once the interviews are completed, at least 14 calendar days before taking final action on the position, the Board is required to make available to the public, documents for inspection and/or copying concerning as many as three persons under consideration whom the Board has determined to be best qualified for the position.

Assistant Superintendent Debbie Puckett has been appointed Interim Superintendent as of July 1st. Additional updates will be provided as the Board moves forward with the process.