Principal’s Message

Gini Thompson
Director of LITTLE Children Growing

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The staff and I are happy that you have chosen to send your child to our Pre-K program, LITTLE Children Growing. Our goal is for your child to leave us with the foundational skills necessary to be successful in kindergarten.  To accomplish this, we will work diligently to lay a solid academic foundation, to reinforce positive social skills, and to instill a strong sense of confidence.  With your help, we feel that your child will meet our goal.

A strong parent-school relationship will benefit your child by providing the support necessary for a successful academic career.  Pre-K is where that relationship begins.   We recognize that your involvement is the key to your child’s success.  You are an advocate for your child and want the best for him/her.  That is our wish for each child that we serve, and we work to give them just that—our best.

Fieldtrips, school activities, and school programs will take place throughout the school year.  Information about each of these will be sent home in the agenda, posted on our Facebook page, and posted on the school website.  We encourage you to participate if at all possible.  

Thank you for entrusting your child to us!

Gini Thompson, Director