Jeezy and Street Dreamz Foundation Donates Technology to Pulaski County Elementary

International superstar Jeezy returned to his hometown of Hawkinsville, GA to launch his first-ever technology initiative on Monday, Sep 10. Jeezy and Street Dreamz Foundation donated much-needed technology to five (5) kindergarten classrooms at Pulaski Elementary School.

Katrina Johnson, Street Dreamz Foundation executive director spoke briefly about why the foundation is leading this initiative, why it was important to start in Hawkinsville and why Hawkinsville will always be a special place for Jeezy and his family. After her speech, the students were then surprised when Jeezy himself emerged into the auditorium to donate Apple iPads to five (5) kindergarten teachers compliments of Street Dreamz Foundation.

Shortly after, Jeezy and his team were given a tour of the elementary school. Jeezy also requested to speak to each kindergarten classroom individually. His message to the children was simple “It does not matter where you are from or how small your town is…anything is possible if you dream and believe. The sky is the limit.”