School Nurse

Welcome to the Nurse’s Corner!

This page will be the center of information regarding student wellness at Pulaski County Middle .

Before a student can be treated in the school clinic, a School Clinic Permission Form must be COMPLETELY filled out and signed by the parent/guardian. This form is included in the packet of information the student receives on the first day of school. It is vital that this permission form is completed and sent back to school as soon as possible. The school nurses can not treat your child without this form on file.

Any student taking daily medications must have an Authorization of Medication Administration Form for long term medicines on file. This form must be updated yearly and with any medication changes, including dosage. A parent/guardian must come to the school and meet with the nurse to sign the authorization form. All medicine must be in the original bottle with the student’s prescription label intact.

The Authorization for Student to Carry a Prescription Inhaler, EpiPen or Insulin consent form requires a Physician or Pharmacist signature. This only applies to students to carry devices. If the Prescription Inhaler, EpiPen or Insulin remains in the nurse’s office, please submit the Long Term Medication Authorization Form.

Medication & School Nurse Forms